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Another Hole Done

Weed washing in the snow- not a job I want.

Most likely as you are reading this, Miss K and I are packing up the Old Girl and the DTBs.  The assignment here east of Iraan,TX is drawing to a close after 45 days.  We fully expect to return to this immediate area because much of what is going on is exploratory and experimental in nature. If they get the results they are expecting from this Wolfcamp Shale,  it will be a big deal.

As with any move, especially if you have done it several times, packing and putting away is

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Does Money Buy Privilege?

(Editor’s note:   I very seldom post reprints from other sources.   To do so, the writing has to be stellar and the subject matter of more than passing interest.  I have been reading several daily onlines from West Texas due to the recent property purchase in Terlingua.   The Alpine Daily Planet is quickly becoming an every day read.  The editor, Mike Perry, is a retired old school newspaper man that worked for the Big Boys in the Metroplex. )

by Joe Nick Patoski, reprinted from The Texas Observer

Water and where to get it has been an obsession ever since humans arrived

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Shedding the Yoke....

Fulltiming in an RV has different connotations for different people. Some seem to think it is an endless series of travels in a recreational vehicle; seeing wondrous sight after another until they recede into a blurry kaleidoscope of memory. Some use the RV to migrate south in the winter and then north in the summer; maybe a conventional stick house awaits them on one end or the other.  Hey, if it works for you, go for it!

Fulltiming in the Old Girl didn’t involve a countdown ’till the last day of work for me

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