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June Vignettes

At the Secret Hideout

Tuco the Dog and I have been at the Secret Hideout 104 days now.  The Monsoons of May have passed and My Bro headed out last week to finally get back to work.  You can’t push dirt if it’s mud ya know.  Worked out just ’bout right.  He graciously offered his generator which is the twin to my ailing Little Blue.  I made the 100 mile roundtrip to Waco to drop Little Blue off for repair.  The guy said it would be 2-3 weeks before they could even look at it  — and this at

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Untrammeled and At Large

Try doin’ this in Austin. Cops would be there before you fair got match to paper.

For those of you that ain’t guessed it yet………  Yes, I am at the Secret Hideout in Central Texas with My Bro. And yeah, we burn our paper garbage and such in the driveway if we feel like it.  That is all I will be saying about that.

My Bro packed up this morning to go tend to pressing business at home and that meant the contents of the ever-present-on-the-deck Yeti Tundra 45 Quart Cooler had to be divvied up. Talkin’ about long

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Is I Just Stoopid?

5 years ago this week; somewhere east of Jasper, TX. different life -different world

I am finishing up a blissful 30 hours of limited traffic while the frac crew nipples up for the last 3 holes.  During the next 18 hours, all the contractors and accessory folks necessary to run this frac will be back onsite and ready to rock and roll.  These fellas are fast and I commented on that to one of ’em the other day and he said they are doing a zipper frac. At any rate, I am ready for ’em after getting several hours

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Apocalypse Agua II










Just dawned on me that we have been in the Princess Palace almost 30 days now.   Where does the time go?!?  Time enough I guess to form some opinions about the new trailer vs. The Old Girl.   Let me get another cup of coffee and I will tell ya about it. BTW, I just got a new coffee cup to replace the old stoneware one I had been using.  It is a Chinook Timberline Double-wall 15 Ounces Mug and I sure do like it. Maybe a bit of a splurge price wise but I do enjoy a thermal mug that

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