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Working and Dogs

Native yucca blooming

This native yucca is blooming on the corner below the NO Princess Palace.  The roadsides and fields down here are not covered by bluebonnets and indian paint brush in the Spring like up in Central Texas – too far south and not enough rain.  Any blooming flowers down here tend to be close to the bone and diminutive so this large yucca is quite a nice distraction from the norm.


Main project this week has been trying to get the marginalized Little Blue generator back up to snuff.  Those scumbags up at Marineland Boating Center in Waco

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Everything Happens for a Reason

It was the day after Christmas and my butt was planted in the Big Ass Suburban headed up north 60 miles.   I told a local fella where I was headed and the what-for and he said “Aye God, that is a rough little burg!”   He was born and raised in Dilley, TX and he said that back in the 70’s when Dilley played this town in football it was the dreaded game of the season.  Seems they had a prodigious problem with sticky burrs/sand spurs on the field.  So much so that the Refs would hand the ball to the

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