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I Didn't Sign Up For This

South Texas Weather Forecast:  HOTTTT!

Before I get to the meat let me talk about something I did sign up for.  We have had 9 straight days of legit temps 100 degrees or better with more on the way.  Everything is burnt up, brown and brittle.  The inside of the NO Princess Palace is dark as a cave 24/7 with the InfraStop White Double Bubble Reflective Foil Insulation covering every window and vent opening – without the Infrastop and the window shaker chugging away in the bedroom this would not be survivable.  If you got that SAD disorder; stay

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I was running the traps yesterday and one of my regular stops is a blogger and accomplished writer that lives in Upstate New York.  He made the comment that none of the farmers in the area grow a garden any more.  That space has been taken up by swimming pools and multiple 4 wheelers in various states of run.  These farmers buy their groceries now right alongside the cubicle dwellers and insurance adjusters that live in The City.

Forest Oil rig near Balmorrhea, West Texas. 2-28-12

I just finished two thought provoking books — Locusts on the Horizon ($2.99) and

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