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Terlingua Reprise - 110 Days

Andy’s Note:  As of 4/3/2012, Miss K and I are back working a gate in the Brush Country of South Texas.  The Terlingua Reprise series of posts that will follow the next week or so recount our time off in South Brewster County.

Weed Wash at dawn

110 days is too long a stretch to go without a day off.  For those uninitiated in the ways of oil field gate guards, I am talking about 110 days straight — 7 days a week.  Cubicle dwellers think in terms of 5 and 2.  When they say I haven’t had a day

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Extra RV Storage - Government Surplus Bargains

The M101A2 twins on duty

If you are a true fulltime RVer like Miss Kathy and I am, storage space is an ongoing issue.  If you want to buy a new piece of equipment or even stock up on a bargain on sale at the grocery store, your first thought is ‘Where am I gonna put it?’  Some recreational vehicles have more storage space than others  – I guess a Fifth wheel is the champ and a travel trailer is its’ poor cousin as far as storage space goes.    Even if you sell off that sticks and bricks and

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