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Other People's Problems Are Not My Problems and vicey versey

A series of elucidatory vignettes

DIY coffee

I ran out of coffee this morning just as I brewed the last cup of the day in my Hamilton Beach Scoop Coffee Maker.  Worked out just right but I gotta say, most of my days been working out about like that lately. The stars must be aligned just so and I am digging it.  So on up in the morning,  I got out the Hand-crank Coffee Mill and scooped some Costa Rican La Minita Terrazu beans out of the Friis Coffee Vault and set to grinding up some coffee for the

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The Dullclivity of Life

Self portrait on a window

I have been thinking these past few days about our gate guard life.  Often I am asked ‘How’s it going?‘  and the rote reply is ‘Good!  My scenery seldom changes.’
Could we see our-lives-to-be in February of 2011 when we packed our goods and headed deep into the Barnett Shale west of Muenster? You can read 40 gate guard blogs and for the most part,  one blog could be the next one could be the one before. Granted,  things change on site.  The rock trucks building the pads and roads give way to the rig

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On that Coffee.........

Boiled coffee

Regular readers know my Miss K does not assume a human life form until that first cup of morning coffee is complete.  Hey, it is what it is and a good man learns how to deal with it.  Back in the day I fueled with Diet Pepsi.  Many, many cans consumed over the course of a day and even a fool knows that is no bueno.  Older and wiser, work smarter not harder is the mantra these days.  I still drink  2 cans of soda at the start of my long gate guarding day and the preferred

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