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Impromptu Gifting

A pic from 2009

See the little globe thingy to the left?  As I start this post,  it is saying 625,014 visits but that is not the whole story.  My first blog post was February of 2009 so that means I am going into my ninth year of blogging.  The globe thingy did not come long until 4 or 5 years ago – I can’t remember exact.  I have an unseen statistics counter that pre-dates the globe by a couple of years.  It says 1,000,063 visits this morning!  Not toooooooo shabby as I am sure I have pissed off

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And so it goes.........

Moon rise over the Puckerbrush

Doesn’t take long for Tuco the Dog and me to settle into a routine.  After the whirlwind departure from the main gate, we find this other gate suits our mettle much better.  I didn’t mind packing up my HEB bag sack with a few sandwiches, some smokes and some bottled water and reporting for a 12 hr shift at the guard shack.  I didn’t mind it but I didn’t care much for it either.   It smacked just a little too much of a daily grind to suit me.  Not even close to getting in

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