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236 Days

The total number of days between Saturday, July 5th, 2014 and Wednesday, February 25th, 2015 is 236 days.

This is equal to 7 months and 21 days.

If you’re counting workdays or weekends, there are 168 weekdays and 68 weekend days.

236 days is equal to 33 weeks and 5 days.

The total time span from 2014-07-05 to 2015-02-25 is 5,664 hours.

This is equivalent to 339,840 minutes.

Tearing down the gate.

The call;  it wasn’t unexpected ya know. When all the rigs moved out of here end of August I remember thinking ‘If I can just make it to mid-September and get that paycheck,

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A Spring Bonus in the Texas Hill Country

One of the pure joys in life is being in the Texas Hill Country during early Spring.  The reds and oranges and whites and yellows and blues of the wildflowers dominate the landscape.  They burst forth from the fertile soil of the Brazos valley and the

Texas Bluebonnet

rocky,arid soil of the Bandera hills alike.  First among the wildflowers is the State flower, the Texas Bluebonnet , which carpets the hills in royal blue.

Some of you may be thinking “What is the big deal?”  Obviously, you have never had the pleasure of seeing Texas Wildflowers gone crazy after a wet

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