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Untrammeled and At Large

Try doin’ this in Austin. Cops would be there before you fair got match to paper.

For those of you that ain’t guessed it yet………  Yes, I am at the Secret Hideout in Central Texas with My Bro. And yeah, we burn our paper garbage and such in the driveway if we feel like it.  That is all I will be saying about that.

My Bro packed up this morning to go tend to pressing business at home and that meant the contents of the ever-present-on-the-deck Yeti Tundra 45 Quart Cooler had to be divvied up. Talkin’ about long

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Fabric of Life - Joyas Volardoras

Bad weather and recreational vehicles are not a healthy combination… and again this first Sunday in May we are dealing with it here in the Old Girl.   A typical Texas spring weather pattern…  a cold front dips down from the north and collides headlong with the warm moist air boiling up out of the Gulf.  Later on, as high summer approaches, the jet stream which brings the cold air will retreat north and high pressure will dominate all of Texas.  The high pressure cap is just like a lid on an old fashioned pressure cooker  -it will shut down the

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