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Untrammeled and At Large

Try doin’ this in Austin. Cops would be there before you fair got match to paper.

For those of you that ain’t guessed it yet……… Yes, I am at the Secret Hideout in Central Texas with My Bro. And yeah, we burn our paper garbage and such in the driveway if we feel like it. That is all I will be saying about that.

My Bro packed up this morning to go tend

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Mid-Week Catch All

Carhartt Duck Vest

We pulled into this oil field gate guard assignment on 2/25/2011 – long enough back to revolve through a change of seasons which is pretty cool in and of itself. I was thinking about that yesterday morning when I came back from checking a rig guy in all shivered up around 4am. I dug the Carhartt Men’s Arctic-Quilt Lined Duck Vest and I reckon it won’t be long until that

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Working the List

Santa Elena Canyon Big Bend, TX

The departure date of 8/2 for the West Texas Ramble draws ever closer and I cannot wait to get back to Terlingua. A 3 week trip with plans for land improvements while we are out there requires a pile of stuff. The TO DO List is not growing but it is not getting much smaller either. Most of it involves money…… (sigh)

One of the biggest drawbacks

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Rambling Around III....

Tuco the Dog being Small

Every morning just when it is starting to get light, my little visitor shows up. The little hummer gets here about the time I am thinking about turning off the lights and before Tuco the Dog cracks an eye open. I missed him several days during the first part of the week. I figure maybe the 60mph winds blew him down around Jacksboro somewhere and it just took

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