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Dog Eat Dog

I have been mulling this whole Hurricane Sandy thing over in my mind for the past month.  I posted about it on the blog and the post was one of the lower rated ones I have written.  It elicited many reader comments to the fact that those big city folks were doing everything they could do given their situation.

As Miss Kathy and I watched Sandy swirling up the Eastern Seaboard headed directly for a densely populated metro area, we both agreed this was going to be an unequaled opportunity to observe a disaster of major proportions.  We were interested in

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Worth About a Dollar

In September of 2008, I purposely put myself in the path of Hurricane Ike in Houston. I detail most of it here. The long and the short of it was my elderly Father had surgery earlier in the week and was still confined to the hospital and my Mom was with him. They were quite concerned as they should have been and welcomed my presence and assistance prior to Ike’s landfall.  A reprise of the episode from my blog entry:

Late on September 12th, 2008 I had the unfortunate opportunity to be present when Hurricane Ike made

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