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Blurred Days

Laundry Day

The days run together with little notice after you have been slogging it out for weeks on a gate. Is it Monday? Wednesday? Is is it September?? I usually figure out Thursdays because that is when payroll hits my bank account. Usually I remember Sundays because that is Laundry Day. I am still using the Panda Portable Compact Washing Machine; this one for almost a year now after I killed its’

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Sunday Wrap

Just disjointed thoughts and snips of things that do not warrant a full post…..

On Illegal Border Traffic. . . . .

Stolen truck loaded up after the narcos crashed it through the fence.

We have our share, that’s for sure. We are about 20 miles north of the border here and have had a goodly share of illegal activity in the area. Most we see are just tired and thirsty. Some are

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