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I Cook At Night

Regular readers know we have always favored Memphis style BBQ around this house – that was Little Blondie’s doing. I grew up 80 miles north of Memphis so that style was home cooking ambrosia to me. But, you know, I have traveled this whole country and I can dig that South Carolina style BBQ as well.

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Beatin' the South Texas Heat in an RV , Gate Guard Style- Part III

Let me tell ya folks, nothing but fun and games and high livin’ down in the South Texas Pucker Brush aboard the Princess Palace.  6:10am on a Sunday morning and it is 86 degrees outside and the single AC unit has run most of the night.  The weather forecast for the next 7 days is all too familiar for August   —  Clear, no chance of rain, highs 100+ every day.

An illegal gulps down some cold water outside the Princess Palace

This single AC dealio is playing hell with us.  Even though it is a 15k btu unit it is

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$1000 a Day

A summer South Texas gully washer rolls in

4:52AM after a night of steady rain and the gate is open because I don’t like to traipse out through that mud every time a truck comes in or out. Gotta keep a close eye out for the Mama Cow and her Evil Herd — they have already proved they can vanish through those open gates in a mere eye blink. All you see is cow tails straight in the air as they run down the caliche road toward Los Angeles (TX) and points West. The Bastards! Gotta watch ’em close!


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