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Terlingua Reprise - Cowboy Coffee

Headed south out of Balmorhea on Highway 17 was a fine place to be on a Friday afternoon in March.  Neither Miss Kathy or I had ever been down that route through the Davis Mountains and on through Ft Davis to Alpine.  Miss K seemed to enjoy it but then any combination of desert + mountains makes her smile.  I think both of us would have liked to explore Ft Davis a bit more but with a DTB each in tow; you just don’t pull off anywhere.  We were pushing to get to Alpine before close of business anyway.  I

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Living Off the Grid as an Oilfield Gate Guard

The company supplied service trailer

There was a nice dew overnight so that means the dust will lay down for a few hours this morning,  That is a good thing.

It is a welcome relief to be sucking up someone else’s resources for a change. When Miss Kathy and I were checking out the oil field gate guard possibilities, I always looked real hard at any pictures of their service trailer and septic facilities. Living in an inhospitable off grid situation makes you totally dependent on what the company provides as far as support. We went

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Long Distance Lovin'

The twins

Wednesday was a road trip day. I bought another military cargo trailer in Hooks, TX which is hard by Texarkana — 2 hours and 40 minutes away. The first trailer was sold on eBay for some some good coin and I am just waiting on the ‘Dude’ to pick it up next week. Hell, it is paid for and I am not paying rent for it to sit here. Seems this Dude wants the trailer to haul a large crystal to Taos. ‘Uh huh’ I say. He

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Back on the Grid

Just a recap here to start. I have been at the new jobsite near Calvert,TX for 52 days. No electricity or water for that entire time period. My Generac 6.6 kw propane generator has run 210 hours. I have been in boondocking situations before like at Cranfills Gap.

The electricity inches closer

The difference here at Calvert was we thought electricity would be available within 2 weeks of our arrival. Well, that didn’t happen. This area is serviced by an Electric Cooperative like most of Rural Texas.  Back in the 40’s and 50’s, Coops were the

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