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A Little Good; A Little Bad

You know how it is with something, when it is not working right or it is just plain aggravating to be around, that you tend to shun it? I know that is my nature. Trying to get MyOldRV back in shape has been like that. It used to be like sliding on a comfortable pair of boots to come here and write. For the last several days, it has been about as pleasant as

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A Rainy Winter Day

On days like today, I think back to the days of high summer. Long, hot dry days with the grass scorched brown, the 2 AC units in the Old Girl running full blast to fend off the heat.Choking clouds of dust that boiled up behind the dozers as they inched across the parched soil and heat waves that shimmered across the cracked ground. The work went on for days on end and pretty soon

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