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The Fabric of Life - Scotch Whisky and Association

Justin Wilson’s  friend asks “What kind of whiskey goes with this campfire?” and Justin says “What kind you got?”

I warned up everybody that I was gonna bring along some good whiskey and dollar cigars when we headed out on the West Texas Ramble and I was as good as my word.  Nothing suits me better than a tumbler of Blanton’s Single Barrel or some of that Weller Special Reserve and a good cigar.  I got started setting out of a evening when I was working with My Bro.  A little whiskey or a cold beer or two and a cigar

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A Little Good; A Little Bad

You know how it is with something, when it is not working right or it is just plain aggravating to be around, that you tend to shun it? I know that is my nature.  Trying to get MyOldRV back in shape has been like that. It used to be like sliding on a comfortable pair of boots to come here and write. For the last several days, it has been about as pleasant as pullin’ a tick off  my leg. Thank goodness I had a recent database back up of all the posts… looks like I

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