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Rogue of the Rio Frio

I got a phone call from My Other Brother, Tittlemouse Jones, this weekend and I thought to myself ‘What it is it now?  Does he need bail money?  Has he figured out how to run an internal combustion engine on what comes out of a lawnmower bag?  What?’  You see, it could be just about anything with the Tittlemouse as he is acknowledged to be the smartest of the brothers.  He said ‘I woke up Tuesday morning and Carol Ann was gone.  She cleaned out the RV and took the Z71 and left.’  

Well, since this was Friday and the

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Life: Every Inch Is A Fight

Yeah, who said life was supposed to be easy Pilgrim?   I guess some of y’all may think life in the oil patch with Miss K is all roses.  Most of the time it is.   But then sometimes, if we lived on separate continents, it would be too damned  close.

Recipe for Marital Mayhem

In a one quart saucepan add:

One cup my way or the highway — no substitutions allowed dammit!

One cup liquid mellow go with the flow

Beat it thoroughly like a rented mule

Heat over high heat until the mixture is boiling uncontrollably.  First person to reduce the heat loses/wins/apologizes/sleeps on the couch/can’t

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