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A Night Out on Terlingua Town

Miss K in vacation mode–Looking good at 29!

Don’t get the wrong idea that Miss K and I have been working like dogs here in Terlingua.  No way…. we have taken full advantage of an extended vacation.  Lots of lazy days, afternoon naps and leisurely meals have filled our sojourn here in South County.

Wednesday was Miss K’s birthday.  She was 4—- ummmm 29 (!) and since she is such a foodie,  eating out is always a treat for her.  We decided to do Terlingua up right and headed south at the end of the day. There are more restaurant selections

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The Longhorn Ranch - Terlingua, TX

The Longhorn Ranch Motel – North of Terlingua,TX

Yup, the Longhorn Ranch Motel, Restaurant and RV Park; that is where we landed for my projected 2 night stay.  I was not surprised to find out it is not part of a ranch nor does it have Longhorn cattle present.  The rest of it really belongs under the category of ‘That’s Terlingua for ya’.   The motel is 52 miles south of Alpine and 28 miles north of Terlingua/Study Butte and it is remote with a capital R.  No other buildings are visible through 360 degrees except for an old yellow school

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