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State of the State Ain't That Great

Tuco the Dog assisting

One of the axioms, in the Puckerbrush especially, was you never complain about it raining in Texas.  Maybe it would be permissible to grouse about it?  Perhaps?  Folks are getting killed, bridges and houses washed away and still it rains.  I know we needed it to break the year’s long drought hereabouts and every night the news reports how the reservoirs are filling by the hour.  Still yet,  hanging out in an RV when it rains day after day is no bueno,…………… and we got flood warnings yet again this evening.   Maybe I oughta be

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The Brisket Beg

Around August 1st we will have been down in this South Texas Brush Country for 4 months on the same gate for the entire time. I gotta say the people and the country start to grow on ya after awhile. I certainly ain’t no bad place to be.

One item oft repeated is how nice everyone associated with the different crews are. To my way of thinking, each specialty crew has a different personality. The roughnecks on the drilling rigs are testosterone and tattoos and unfailingly polite with their yes ma’am’s and sirs. They are also the ones most likely to

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Sunday Wrap

Just disjointed thoughts and snips of things that do not warrant a full post…..

On Illegal Border Traffic. . . . .

Stolen truck loaded up after the narcos crashed it through the fence.

We have our share, that’s for sure.  We are about 20 miles north of the border here and have had a goodly share of illegal activity in the area.  Most we see are just tired and thirsty.  Some are still actively evading the Border Patrol and some come out of the brush and start walking down the shoulder of the road.  Obviously they have given up and

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