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Occam's Razor

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”


Just been mighty weary the last few days with new restrictions that must be followed under threat of dismissal.   The Message Forums that were just toddling toward a first anniversary were really starting to develop some old school character.  A spirit of true benevolent volunteerism,  a pervading attitude of step up and pay it forward whenever possible and overall unselfish nature were pleasing to my mind.  Took ten months of fairly intense activity on mine and Miss Kathy’s end to get it up and running before it was murdered by 

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Rambling Around......

The start of a new day

It is 6:25am on a Saturday morning here west of Gainesville,TX. Today marks the end of 6 weeks of oil field gate guarding. If you ever want a job where you lose track of what day it is, this one will surely fit the bill. Outside temp right now is 67 degrees with a light southerly breeze. I have the door open on the Old Girl. There is still enough moisture in the air that the night time dampness lays the dust down for a few hours anyway.

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