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You Can Pick Your Nose........

…………But You Can’t Pick Your Family.

A recent conversation with John Doe “Tittlemouse” Jones — my other brother.

Tittlemouse at rest

Tittlemouse called up the other day and wanted to discuss the affairs of the world. Now T-mouse is light on the schooling but he is not ignorant.

‘This whole Obama thing has gotten outta control Bro.  Me and The Squeeze (ed. note-his wife) are havin’ trouble making heads or tails of the whole danged mess.’

‘How so T-mouse?’

‘Well,  a dog may bite you in the ass but it will never

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The Amazon Equation

Mainly because I can………

I have had an Amazon affiliate account for a dozen years.  When you are counted among the vast army of internet-will-be-bazillionaires who are affiliates it works about like this.  Somewhere on the blog there is a url that takes you to Amazon.  Inside that url is a secret code word that identifies me and sets me apart from the vast affiliate army.  When you buy that shower stall accessory with seven suction cups or some wasp spray or a box of organic dog biscuits,  I get a small percentage of the purchase kicked back to

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