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White Hat or Black Hat?

2 rigs drilling

If you are an oil field gate guard, do you ever wonder if you are working for the good guys?  Or the bad guys?  Sometimes when I see truck after truck rolling out of here loaded with some sort of liquid refuse that I know is going to be funneled down an injection well, that question crosses my mind.

When we go into Muenster,  the restaurants and c-stores are crowded with oil field hands.  The local motels are packed parking lots of oil field trucks.  Nobody in Muenster is refusing the flood of greenback dollars being shoved

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Don't Be Afraid of Change

Sitting here in the gone away night of a Saturday, I can’t help but think of past days in my life where I was just starting a new job. I did a quick tally and it looks like I have tried around 7 different careers. Some of the branches intertwined at times and not all of them were as successful as the one left behind or the new one, but they have all been interesting. Dairy farmer, truck driver, corporate suit, internet entrepreneur and heavy equipment operator have all served to put food on the table and

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