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Same as a Coke Can

Little Blue - Yamaha Ef200iS Inverter Generator

The big ass Suburban piled up for a trip to the trash trailer

I am getting a handle on some brain things during the wee hours of a mid December morning.  My old tired noggin’ does better when things are laid out in a simple linear fashion. Close as I can figure I am well into my fifth year of writing this blog;  come January Miss K and I will have three years of oil field gate guarding under our belts.  This all come up yesterday to start and got me to thinkin’.

We have a rig getting ready to rig

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Beatin' the South Texas Heat in an RV , Gate Guard Style- Part III

Miss K installing the InfraStop Double Bubble---so simple Tuco the Dog could almost do it if she had thumbs.

Let me tell ya folks, nothing but fun and games and high livin’ down in the South Texas Pucker Brush aboard the Princess Palace.  6:10am on a Sunday morning and it is 86 degrees outside and the single AC unit has run most of the night.  The weather forecast for the next 7 days is all too familiar for August   –  Clear, no chance of rain, highs 100+ every day.

An illegal gulps down some cold water outside the Princess Palace

This single AC dealio is playing hell with us.  Even though it is a 15k btu unit it is still

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Adios Squinty!

Squinty--Miss K's pet

Squinty–Miss K’s pet

We moved again this past Friday–maybe a mile or so to the second gate on this 3500 acre ranch. That is what we have been doing for the past 11 months.  They were getting ready to build a new pad at our former location so the Bosses sent another gate guard couple in to set there for 2 weeks.  We moved to the longer assignment where they are going to drill 2 new holes.  Miss K had to say goodbye for a few months to her pet armadillo Squinty.  Don’t ask me how she acquired a pet

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Higher Expectations

Big Brown and Miss K mano a mano

Big Brown and Miss K mano a mano

One of the joys of actually being at an oil field gate guard  location with an established street address is UPS and FedEx delivery right to the door of your recreational vehicle.  UPS usually does a pretty danged good job in rural South Texas.  FedEx tries really hard but they bumble and fumble around so bad sometimes it makes me wonder.  I guess FedEx is easily confused.

Now just let me say right now that I only use UPS and FedEx when I run up against the dreaded “This item cannot be delivered

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