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Still Waiting on a Gate Assignment? This May Be Why........

I was reading somewhere else this week that the recreational vehicles are stacked up on the yards waiting on gate assignments.   Some oil field gate guards in waiting seemed surprised by this fact……. and may be even a little defensive or pissed off about it.  I wrote about the reasons behind the lack of gates guard assignments in 2011 and and they are still valid.  Let me visit the reasons I am seeing now versus the same time last year….  BTW, let  me remind all my readers that I predicted if you did NOT have an assignment prior to Thanksgiving

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Suck It Up Buttercup

This may be my favorite time of year here in the South Texas pucker brush. Comfortable day time temps and cool nights are a welcome change. Not enough deciduous trees down here to mark the passing of the seasons. Maybe it is my favorite time of year because we survived the furnace blast hell of a South Texas summer and we know it. Mornings like this it would be sublime to wake up next to a warm butt and then have a sumptuous breakfast of sausage and eggs and all the fixin’s. Well that ain’t happening. No boobs NOR biscuits

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Texas Gate Guard Jobs - 4 Reasons You Don't Have a Gate Guard Job

Don’t waste your money on a car wash if rain is in the forecast.

Looks like it is that time of year….  Colder weather up north has begun and the Winter Texans are heading south.   It is about this time  every year when the supply of oilfield gate guard jobs is exceeded by the supply of returning and wannabe gate guards here in South Texas.

I wrote about it last year about this time —  South Texas Oilfield Gate Guard Jobs …  4 Reasons you Don’t Have a Job .  If you weren’t around last year or if you are

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Finite Lives

Close but no cigar…….

Just plain ol’  facts…..

We are all gonna die.
Anything mechanical will eventually fail.

I don’t feel like discussing that first statement this morning because I am feeling particularly froggy  on this first week of Fall. But now that second one– yeah, we gotta talk about it.

As oil field gate guards, 99.5 per cent of us are stuck out somewhere on a caliche  dust road with little or no customary amenities. We are dependent on our nurse trailer with its’ generator, septic and water setup.  Without that,  our sojourn on the gate would be plenty less livable.  Many

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