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Dammit!  Where you been?

There has been rig washing.

Involving yourself in the South Texas oil business requires more than a traditional 9-5 weekday sacrifice.  Any worm quickly finds that out.  Nothing is written in stone where a workday has no bounds and job duties have no limits.  It is the nature of the game and the measure of the man and you get it done with no sniveling.  It is what it is and what it has always been. The oil patch is its’ own special world.

For years I have been tethered by

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Useless Expectations

Day breaks over an unnamed mesa

If you haven’t dropped by the MyOldRV message board, you need to do that.  Got a nice little community coming together over thataway.

You wouldn’t know it but I tend to listen more than I talk.  Gets me branded as ‘surly’ or ‘anti-social’  more often as not; I just blow it off.   That is one reason I enjoy visiting the message boards here and elsewhere.  The variety of personalities and  people’s expectations are a daily source of enlightenment….. and more than a little entertainment.

Of course, the subject of gate guarding is paid close attention. 

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