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Finite Lives

Close but no cigar…….

Just plain ol’  facts…..

We are all gonna die.
Anything mechanical will eventually fail.

I don’t feel like discussing that first statement this morning because I am feeling particularly froggy  on this first week of Fall. But now that second one– yeah, we gotta talk about it.

As oil field gate guards, 99.5 per cent of us are stuck out somewhere on a caliche  dust road with little or no customary amenities. We are dependent on our nurse trailer with its’ generator, septic and water setup.  Without that,  our sojourn on the gate would be plenty less livable.  Many

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On a Sunday Morning........

The welcome mat

Here we are on the best morning of the week. The pre-dawn hours of a Sunday morning are always such a pleasure.  The coolness belies the intense heat that will be harsh reality in just a few hours.  Additional interest  is provided this morning by an advancing line of storms to the north.  A little rain would be nice for a change.

. . . . . . . . .

An impressive young man from the Border Patrol stopped by for a chat the other morning.  He said he was just cruising the area and talking to

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Best To Leave That A-1 Sauce in the 'Fridge!

If you have been oil field gate guarding long enough,  you will discover one of the job perks is food.   At least down here in the South Texas Eagle Ford Shale  it is. Just finding a decent place to eat can be a real challenge so I guess part of the solution to keeping the rig boys working productively is just to bring the food to them.   Good food etiquette also means including the gate guards as well.  I don’t know who started that custom but you will hear no complaining from us.

The other day the area boss for the

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All Star List

An oldie picture from back in the day when we could have alcohol and firearms onboard the Old Girl — and the Belmont is today so it seems fittin'. I wrote many a post sippin' on some Blanton's

I was out and about early this AM doin’ RVing type stuff while it was cool. It is not hardly 8am yet down here in the South Texas Brush Country and the temp is already 84 degrees. Time to retreat inside to the coolness and pass the time until end of shift.

Just for the hell of it, I pulled up the

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