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Eagle Ford Drive By

Coming and going on the Baytown trip, I cut straight across (or thereabouts) from Cotulla to Victoria. I bisected the Eagle Ford Shale field west to east and it was an interesting ride. Seems like there was an oil field gate guard every 5 miles or so. I saw everything from 6 figure $$ plus coaches to ex-FEMA trailers. I saw one with a trampoline leaned up against the western side for??? Maybe to shield

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The Adventure Gate

Asphalt squatting at Walmart

Made it as far as Brownwood, TX the first night out. By then it was 1230am on a Tuesday morning and I had been up since 3am the previous day — enough is enough. I still had on my FR coveralls when I finally parked the Fish Bus. It had just been that kinda day.

Miss Kathy made an interesting comment the next morning. She said ‘the layers of

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What Day Is It Again?

30 minutes from daylight at the Old Girl

It gets sorta like that after awhile. What chronological order in the universe I was trying to maintain just gets all tossed up like a pile of white coat hangers in my brain. It has been days since I crossed the cattle guard out into the real world. People have died and gotten married and the sun still comes up every morning. It is what

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It's the Snake Thing Again

A couple of evenings ago I was sitting at the dinette relaxing after a long day of oil field gate guarding and noticed a pair of headlights stop on the road about 200yds from the Old Girl. They backed up, made a little jink toward the ditch and backed up again. The guy got out for a few minutes and then drove on up to the Old Girl to check out the gate. It was

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