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So, How's that NOMAD thing workin' out?

Postcards from Camp: Hi Mom and Dad. Everything fine here. Enjoying the balmy weather. Talk to you later.

Joel, I got no excuse*.  The world is rife with slackers these days and I are one when it comes to August 2013 blog posts. Sitting here pre-dawn and watching WOAI morning news out of San Antone with the sound off and captions on which works out good with my progressively worsening hearing loss.  Breaking news this AM reports Texas has reduced their requirements for a Concealed Handgun License.  Take that Schumer and Pelosi!  Gotta love Texas dude.  I mean really……….  :>


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Stocking Up

Miss Kathy and I have enjoyed having UPS and FedEx delivery at this gate.  We have taken full advantage to say the least.

One of the areas where we were seriously lacking was a decent medical emergency kit.  We were bare minimum in the medicine cabinet.  A few gauze pads, some surgical tape and every day band aids was just about it. Both of us agreed this was just plain damned silly since we spent the biggest amount of our time multi- miles and double digit time increments from the closest emergency medical services.  It was high time to do something

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