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Puckerbrush Feng Shui

When we were down at the other gate on this ranch they were building a tank battery directly across the drive from us.  They brought in about 40-11 loads of caliche rock and as with all things caliche it was about 50 loads more than I thought they could possibly use.  In amongst all this crushed caliche were some round rocks.  Miss K inquired about them because they were a puzzlement to her and the locals told her they were dinosaur eggs.  Now, we are doubting the veracity of that nomenclature but when you are in the puckerbrush you just

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Be Prepared

New to me Progressive Industries  PT30C EMS

I lamented in a previous blog post that I was unsettled by the fact that I did not have adequate electrical protection in place.  Running naked without a Progressive Industries EMS chills me– it really does. We have been using the same generator for 7 months with nary a problem but then again, you just never know. The  Progressive Industries PT30C 30 Amp Portable EMS is pricey. Plenty of people take a look and then back off and buy a cheaper surge protector trying to save a few bucks.  Let me go

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