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RV Heating 2011 -- Electrical Capacity

Me and the '96 Camaro at Nashvegas

A few years back when I was still doing the race car thing,  I trekked off to Nashville Superspeedway for a weekend of racing.   I took the Old Girl and my 28′ enclosed car hauler with the ’96 Camaro in it.  One of the unexpected bonuses to the trip were the parking accommodations.

The 1.3 mile oval Speedway has hosted 2 Busch races and two Truck series races annually since it opened in 2001.  It has never been the site of a Sprint Cup race.   I got to park the Old Girl in the

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Going Nowhere - San Angelo, TX

Trying to get going

Using the better part of judgement, I decided to not attempt a cobbled up fix on the Old Girl Sunday night. Better to wait until Monday AM when it was daylight, the parts stores were open and the engine was cold. With Miss K’s help, I was able to figure out the fuel return line from the pump back to the tank had split. The small split was doing a good job of spewing diesel fuel over a fairly wide area.  It was in a relatively accessible location and the fix oughta be

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Clean Electricity is Never Left to Chance

I have plugged the Fish Bus into more than one questionable electrical outlet over the years. 110v 20amp outlets in 50 year old barns with the romex snaking over the rafters, Outlets on poles that looked so old and weathered you where afraid to touch them, switch boxes that I opened up only to be met by a swarm of angry red wasps; you get the idea.

I always plugged into those outlets with some trepidation. You never knew exactly what you were going to get. Recreational vehicles are extremely susceptible to damage from bad electrical

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