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Bite the Bullet

The Generac NP-66 propane generator ready for the wrench

Took me some time to catch a truck load of big boys that weren’t rushing in to the lease like their hair was on fire to move the generator. Three of them it took to set that hunk of steel on the work stand. I am figuring it was time well spent; that building a work stand and moving it to an easier location. My old knees and back throw up a protest when I am down in the gravels scratchin’ it out.  They say when you get older, you

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Sunday Quickie

Late afternoon in Terlingua

About time I updated the Who is This Guy page since it has not been changed since ’round about Day One of this blog.  Sure have been a shit ton of changes in this country and my life since February of 2009.

Miss Kathy has contributed here but I never think she felt completely at ease doing so.   I would not expect a 100% Type A person like her to be that way anyhow.   She set up a blog last Fall and published some stuff in hit or miss fashion.  Since I rarely tell her exactly

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Adios Terlingua!

Sunday Morning somewhere north of Terlingua, TX……

Gotta get rolling towards the north east here in a little bit.  Miss K is sleeping in as we sorta kinda try to get back on the gate guard schedule of sleeping and working in 12 hour shifts.

There really isn’t much to do outside to get the Old Girl ready.  I checked fluids and tires  the other day and the tires will get a bump all ’round before we pull out.  Just disconnect the umbilicals and pull down the DISH dish and we should be pretty much good to go.

A couple of issues have

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Put the Rubber to the Road.

Swapping out Gate Guards

It was a little weird to be back on the road again on a long trip in the Old Girl.  Late summer last year was the last time I guess.  As usual, I decided to change the route and instead of going through Abilene, we went more south toward San Angelo and managed to stay on the back roads most of the way enroute to Terlingua.  Miss Kathy hit the HEB at San Angelo about dark on Tuesday night and we stocked up on groceries and necessities that we knew would be more expensive in

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