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Propane Furnace 411

Dirt daubers are insidious insects and the special bane of all RV owners. They seem to especially like all the little nooks and crannies, orifices and openings present on all recreational vehicles. I found out the first summer of RV ownership that a little prevention goes along way in cutting down on the nuisance factor.

Dirt Dauber aka Mud Dauber, Mud Bee, Dirt Dobber

That first summer I quickly found out how important it was to screen all vent openings like the furnace, water heater and refrigerator. You can buy screens specifically made for a particular opening

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Surviving the Arctic Blast

Among the reasons I was anxious to return to my recreational vehicle after the holiday break was the upcoming frigid weather.  We are expecting temps  in the low teens the next few nights here just north of Newton,TX.

A frosty January morning in East Texas

Back in the day, I drove an 18 wheeler for many years.  Never was there a more naive country boy, let me tell ya!  One of the things I learned was the difference in the weather up North.  Being from the Southern United States, winter weather was something I had never dealt with previously.   Somewhere

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