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State of the State Ain't That Great

Tuco the Dog assisting

One of the axioms, in the Puckerbrush especially, was you never complain about it raining in Texas.  Maybe it would be permissible to grouse about it?  Perhaps?  Folks are getting killed, bridges and houses washed away and still it rains.  I know we needed it to break the year’s long drought hereabouts and every night the news reports how the reservoirs are filling by the hour.  Still yet,  hanging out in an RV when it rains day after day is no bueno,…………… and we got flood warnings yet again this evening.   Maybe I oughta be

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Mud Smokin'

Smokin’ in the mud of a dreary February day

When 2014 rolled up in front of me, one of my resolutions was to become mo’ better at cookery.  Cooking different things in different ways.  Efficient,  adaptive,  resilient and tasty dishes;  that was the endeavor.   It was a Mission.   BFF Cait can tell ya about me and a Mission.  If you asked her  ‘Tell me about  Pops and his Missions” the likely response would be  “Which one? What year?”.  Ask Little Blondie and her response would be “What an a$$hole!”.   Ummm, best not to get between me and the task

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So, How's that NOMAD thing workin' out?

Postcards from Camp: Hi Mom and Dad. Everything fine here. Enjoying the balmy weather. Talk to you later.

Joel, I got no excuse*.  The world is rife with slackers these days and I are one when it comes to August 2013 blog posts. Sitting here pre-dawn and watching WOAI morning news out of San Antone with the sound off and captions on which works out good with my progressively worsening hearing loss.  Breaking news this AM reports Texas has reduced their requirements for a Concealed Handgun License.  Take that Schumer and Pelosi!  Gotta love Texas dude.  I mean really………. 

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