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Self Sufficiency

Headgear – M14/M1A for those bowling-ly inquisitive

For a half done February, it is nice here in South Texas.  The mesquites and assorted puckerbrush flora are showing tinges of green.  The routine of late is a morning and evening walk followed by an hour or better of sittin’ out.  Maybe coffee, maybe not.   Vela Von chases the rubber ball incessantly.  Dogs don’t ask for much.

The kitchen is in large disarray from a rush batch of Swamp Chili before we went outside.  Cold front and rain on tap for tomorrow so it seemed like the thing to do.


One thing about

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July Vignettes

At the Secret Hideout

122 days here at the Secret Hideout. 

Been to the real grocery store 3x for a total of about $325.   Much of that was restocking some hard goods that had become depleted and refilling the freezer with protein.   One of the alt-blogs I visit issued a challenge to its’ readers yesterday with the encouragement to post the experience to the comments section.  The challenge was to unplug from the grid and leave the car in the driveway for 48 hrs. Hmmmm, alrighty then.  Lets’ see how this train wreck unfolds for the masses.  I always espouse

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Solar Arrays, Pukin' Oil, Boiled Batteries and Memphis BBQ

We were sittin’ out in the shank of the evening doing the happy hour thing and wishin’ the heat of the day would just get on out of here.  A cold beer does help mightily to dispense the heat and the YETI Tundra Cooler was doing its’ exceptional job of keeping the beer stock at a temp just above Arctic ice water.  The Yeti doesn’t move from its’ corner of the wood deck these days and it is automatic when anybody goes to town to stop by David’s and get a big bag of the ‘good ice’.   My Sis-in-law was

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Stocking up

Hooked to the DTB to go scavenging

I have been off grid at the Secret Hideout for 10 weeks.

My typical day along about now?   Well, let’s see….  Up between 0600-0700 and first order of business is to fire up Little Blue to make some coffee.  I have an Aeropress Coffee Maker that doesn’t require electricity but the water still has to be hot. No way I am firing up the stove inside the NO Princess Palace for anything these days.  Little Blue also tops up the house battery on the RV while I watch the news and run

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