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Math and Gravity Baby, Just Math and Gravity

500 gallon septic tank for RV Pad use

The real title of this blog entry oughta be Installing a Septic System on Unimproved Property for Recreational Vehicle Parking. I like my title better. This septic system will allow us to park the Old Girl (or any RV) on our 21 acres in Terlingua and it is what you might call an ‘outlaw system’. No approved plans, no official soil tests, no inspections, no

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Settling In North Of Dallas

Temporary Power Pole– note electric line running on ground

Things are settling here at the job site in Far North Dallas. This is a small acreage of only 17 acres ringed by Suburbia. I told the owner the neighbors have been quite in interested all the goings on here; peering over their back fences to get a better look. The owner said to tell them we were putting in an RV park. 🙂

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The Population Doubles in North Dallas...

Getting my bro's fiver situated

It was bound to happen. The Old Girl and me had a run of over 2 years of being a solo act. My bro hates boondocking in any shape, form or fashion. He has to have the unwavering electric hook ups, the pull a valve and dump septic and the 20 minute hot showers. Because of his propensity toward creature comforts, we have not shared a location in

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Normal Is As Normal Does...

Saturday was moving day for the Old Girl. It was time to pack up

4 acres of lake just waiting on the water

and head north. All the time I was picking up and stowing away, I was musing about how foreign this lifestyle would be to most people. Living in less than 200 square feet of space with a well spoken and oft opinionated blond and a large sasquatch of a hairy

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