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Our Top 10 products in use EVERY day while boondocking or gate guarding.

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Writin' and Readin'


If you are going to wade into one of these gate guard jobs in Texas you need to prep yourself for a major lifestyle change.  Everybody I know that is doing this comes up with a schedule that suits them.  Miss K and I work 12 on/12 off.  Shift change is at 3am  / 3pm.   Miss K gets up around 11am or 12 noon and spends the hours before she goes on shift visiting or running errands in town like groceries, mail and laundry.  At 3am, she is ready for bed and usually heads that way within 30 minutes.   When

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Satellite TV on the Road

There are a few amenities that I simply cannot live without when I am on some jobsite 20 miles from nowhere. A cold beer at the end of a long dusty day, an internet connection and my television. I have one of those Wineguard amplified crank up antennas on top of the bus and it works great as long as you are close to a city. Scratch that option for me.

DISH Network for your RV.

I already had DISH network at the stick house and out at the shop so I just took the shop

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