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A New DISH HD Setup

The old DISH 500 setup. Yeah that is a screwdriver in the mast.

‘Get your money’s worth’  is what I always say.  Drive all the good out of a vehicle, use a piece of equipment until it becomes more trouble than it is worth — that kinda thing.   When I first got ahold of the Old Girl, I picked up a DISH 500 dish and cheapo tripod to get satellite TV inside the  RV.  Since then, we have been in plenty of places and the setup has always worked.  I had to drill some holes in the feet so I

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Rambling Around III....

Tuco the Dog being Small

Every morning just when it is starting to get light, my little visitor shows up. The little hummer gets here about the time I am thinking about turning off the lights and before Tuco the Dog cracks an eye open. I missed him several days during the first part of the week. I figure maybe the 60mph winds blew him down around Jacksboro somewhere and it just took him awhile to get back.

I collected quite a bit of grief because  I admitted the other day that I watched Dancing with the Stars.

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Dead on the Ground

One of the casualties of the Friday storm was my brother’s satellite dish. We had set it up the previous evening and anchored it with the spikes we normally set in the

The DISH dish dead on the ground

feet of the dish tripod. A combination of high winds and rain soaked soft soil resulted in the catastrophic failure of the unit.  To add insult to injury, the plastic feed horn bracket was cracked as well when the unit hit the ground.

The recovery plan was a two pronged plan of attack and I had to fast lane it because

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