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Gettin' By

Primary water filter – Purenex 5 micron spun poly disposable

Man oh man, I do go on about that potable water don’t I?  With good reason I reckon.  Just take a good close look at that water filter pic.  I know we are pretty much in the minority as gate guards when it comes to water use and consumption.  We shower in it, we cook with it, we drink it.  Yechhh! No F’n way, right?  You ain’t even   drinkin’ that stuff dude. Just look at the crud on that filter!

Not so fast.

Back in the day when I worked

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Apocalypse Agua II










Just dawned on me that we have been in the Princess Palace almost 30 days now.   Where does the time go?!?  Time enough I guess to form some opinions about the new trailer vs. The Old Girl.   Let me get another cup of coffee and I will tell ya about it. BTW, I just got a new coffee cup to replace the old stoneware one I had been using.  It is a Chinook Timberline Double-wall 15 Ounces Mug and I sure do like it. Maybe a bit of a splurge price wise but I do enjoy a thermal mug that

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Apocalypse Agua

I was still puzzling over the potable water situation for the Old Girl.  Ultimately, I would like to be able to dip some water up out of a cow track, run it through my filters and feed it to a miner’s canary bird with no ill effect.   So I figured what the hell and fired off an email to the good folks at  Seeing as how all a y’all have been clicking the links and visiting over there (and hopefully buying some goods), I figured Mr. Rick could enlighten all of us just a bit so I sent him

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Agua Addendum

That sediment filter is supposed to be white NOT caliche colored!

The guy who drops by to pump my septic and deliver fresh water rolled in here Friday afternoon.  He was supposed to be here Tuesday but they seem to have their share of equipment problems on a pretty regular basis. He had a big ol’ gringo boy with him who is his apprentice was what I was told.  So the new gringo on the block jumps out of the F450 without so much as a ‘howdy do’ and goes directly to my white water hose that goes from

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