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Grab Bag

For some reason I can’t remember, I decided all of my blog posts should be 500 words or longer — and y’all put up with it.  What’s up with that? Because of that self imposed threshold,  some items end up on the scratch pad because even I can’t stretch ’em to 500 words. So I cheat  — here are some short items all rolled into one post.  Most likely none of the items are even remotely related to each other.

It is Friday, the last day of September. If you are a cubicle dweller that means you probably have a two

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Sunday Quickie

Late afternoon in Terlingua

About time I updated the Who is This Guy page since it has not been changed since ’round about Day One of this blog.  Sure have been a shit ton of changes in this country and my life since February of 2009.

Miss Kathy has contributed here but I never think she felt completely at ease doing so.   I would not expect a 100% Type A person like her to be that way anyhow.   She set up a blog last Fall and published some stuff in hit or miss fashion.  Since I rarely tell her exactly

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Thursday Miscellany

Sometimes my mind is a terrible thing.  Here are just a few of the items that have passed through in the last few days………

An Early History of American Oil

In 1818, a salt well suddenly began to fill with oil, making it the first well to produce crude oil in America. People had known about such oil seeps in western Pennsylvania for centuries. Native Americans, as far back as 1410, had been harvesting oil for medicinal purposes by digging small pits around active seeps and lining them with wood. For years European settlers had been skimming the oil from the seeps

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I had a job back in the later 70’s as the Manager on a dairy farm.  I was making $300 a week and they provided housing and a pick up truck.  I worked from 4am till 7pm 7 days a week and I was good at it.  I was 23 years old and single and didn’t know nuthin’  about quit.  The farm owner got wind I was looking at a job on a neighboring farm for $350 a week and fired me.   Flat.   One of the few perks of the job was I was able to buy a few dairy

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