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Wrapping Up a Week....

Odds and ends to tidy up a week….

Fine dining- Iraan,TX

10 days in out here in Pecos County, TX and we are settling in to what does look to be a ‘good’ assignment for an oil field gate guard.  ‘Good’ being relative, of course. Something happens when you travel west of I-35.  The land opens up, the towns grow fewer.  Distances are trebled and quadrupled for the simplest of errands.  I am reminded of a story about a West Texas rancher from back in the ’50’s that drove a Cadillac instead of a pick up.  It was the only

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White Hat or Black Hat?

2 rigs drilling

If you are an oil field gate guard, do you ever wonder if you are working for the good guys?  Or the bad guys?  Sometimes when I see truck after truck rolling out of here loaded with some sort of liquid refuse that I know is going to be funneled down an injection well, that question crosses my mind.

When we go into Muenster,  the restaurants and c-stores are crowded with oil field hands.  The local motels are packed parking lots of oil field trucks.  Nobody in Muenster is refusing the flood of greenback dollars being shoved

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