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Readers Write - Snake Bit!

Andy’s Note: Clay and his wife are new to the South Texas gate guarding business and I count him as a new found friend from over on the MyOldRV message forum which has been quite active lately with new members. Clay had a bad experience right off the bat on his new oil field gate guard job with wore out and over extended equipment. After battling that longer than I would have, he switched

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Of Mice and Monkeys

My buddy Scott aka The Fat Guy apparently shares a fear of snakes with many of my gate guard friends. Take it for granted when that warm weather roles around and the snakes come out of their winter hidey holes, the gate guard blogs are gonna be full of snake sightings and snake pics.

Scott one-upped most all others by coming up with some snakeology that was new to me –flying snakes.

I gotta

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Spring Storms, Latvians and More Snakes

Miss K asks 'Tell me why we live in Tornado Alley again?'. This look is the classic stink eye-directed at me of course

If it’s Spring and you are anywhere in Texas besides the High Desert, spring storms are a fact of life. Miss K doesn’t like that-not one bit. I used to assuage her fears by pointing out the 40 ton bull dozer outside the door that would provide a safe haven

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