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Brain Abyss

This week, a dear old friend chastised me for not getting on the Facebook Gate Guard page to check job opportunities. She said ‘You are being an old fart.’ meant in the kindest of fashion.  I declined the Facebook entre’ and replied ‘I enjoy my fartness.’ which is an unequivocally true and correct statement.

On the way out the door last evening to start a dog romp/ beer fest, I caught the tail end of a car commercial on TV that was loudly regaling features such as ‘GPS assistance, driving security safeguards and multiple cameras’ and it just struck me odd.

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The Internet of Things

Simpler times have been much on my mind this week.  A compendium of events set my brain to churnin’ and I can’t seem to just let it go………

This post is liable to be like me cookin’ eggs.  I know how to cook ’em six different ways but I can’t tell you which way until they are slidin’ onto your plate.  Once you crack them open in that hot cast iron skillet they sorta take on a life of their own.

Vela Von discovers Bella Mandarins ; now she is a fiend for them.


A pair of my oldest gate guard

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Enough is Enough

Neighbor's Driveway – Big Bend, Texas

We live in interesting times, for a fact; I find it unsettling as often as not. I am going to try and wait to put on the tinfoil hat ’till the last minute- let’s see how that goes.

A Triplet O’ Signs had been put on me in the last week or so and I try and pay attention when that is going on.  It just behooves one to do so.

My buddy, Fatguy Scott ,  expert adviser on Dallas bottle blonds, Wonderbras and the correct whiskey for any social occasion threw this out. ‘Ya’ll

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Taking a Step Back

I have been thinking for sometime now all this tweeting, twittering socialized media was just not for me.   Seems like it is coming to a head this week…

My personal communication device

Cell service is sparse out here on the south side of the Permian Basin.  Luckily, our Wilson amp is hauling the mail and the rig hands have figured that out.  We usually have someone parked across the drive in what Miss Kathy calls the cell phone parking area taking advantage of our boosted signal.  Last evening one of the boys was parked over there and looked like he

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