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The Suburban Repair Begins...

Enterprise finally came through with a rental Saturday A.M. They never did get the fullsized car State Farm has specified. We ended up with a 4 door Dodge Durango pick up with only 5k miles on it. So far my observations are the V6 engine would be better suited for a lawn tractor, the short bed is near useless and the seats are as hard as a Baptist church pew. The doors also close with

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Don't Get Run Over by State Farm..

I know the auto insurance companies delay and make things as difficult as possible to reduce the amount of money they pay out in claims. I was warned State Farm was one of the worst. Even with that being said, there is no excuse for their inattention and inept handling of my claim.

Every time I have called in to speak to them, I have had to correct erroneous information in their accident file. They

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OK, OK, Enough Already. I Give!

Scary stuff it you ask me.. I look mostly insane.

So I got emails and comments and text messages and phone calls; all saying the same thing. Get your country ass to the doctor. I heard from my old friend Sue in Burkeville, and Marty and Don who are long time readers and confidantes. I heard from ex’s and my kids. I heard from Miss Kathy; like every five minutes I heard from

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