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Readers Write - Stevie Nicks - True West Texas Tales

Reader friend VH writes in response to this post.  BTW, I welcome reader stories and comments; our literary standards (?!) are pretty lax.  No offense VH  🙂

Late spring 1977.

I was headed down from Odessa, to Horseshoe Bay near Austin with 3 passengers, 2 of my best girl friends and a metal sided Coleman cooler filled to the brim with ice cold Coors beer. We were traveling in my 1976 Gran Torino Elite with the buckets seats, moon roof, big 460 V-8 and wire spoke hubcaps. It was the finest land yacht that my wages could buy at the time. We had

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Fabric of Life - A Lifelong Love

When we scheduled our recent break from oil field gate guarding here in North Texas I was hoping it was going to be a slow period.  You see, we work harder when multiple rigs are drilling or multiple frac crews are working.  When we work harder, we get paid more.  I did not want to miss any of that extra cash  — and we didn’t.   On our return, one H&P FlexRig had shown up and they are going to be here about 2 months punching 3 holes so everything is good.   It is nice to get a little break from

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