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Terlingua Reprise - Portable Potables

65 gallon nurse tank and transfer pump

Last August when we were down Terlingua way I picked up all the parts necessary to piece together a water transfer pump.  I had really thought we would spend some time out boondocking on the Refuge property itself at that time.  A transfer pump would have been a necessity to pump the water fetched from town into the onboard tank on the Old Girl. Turns out, the weather was waaaay too hot that August to survive without the air conditioners running full time.  Fuel costs to run the generator on the Old

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The Vices of Men

The last thing I will ever claim is credit for being some sort of saint.  Nah, far from it actually.  People will raise their eyebrows up and ask ‘ You smoke?’  and my stock reply is ‘Yeah, it’s my only bad habit.’   Which is not exactly true….  I smoke, I drink,  I appreciate a fine looking woman.  Sometimes I do all three at once.  Ah well, it is what it is.  Life is too short for cheap cigars, bad whiskey and ugly women.

It is tough being a smoker these days and I am not going to even get into the

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The Perils of Big Bend, TX

Rock road in Big Bend National Park

Another story from the recent Terlingua, West Texas RV road trip……

There are plenty of gotcha’s around the Big Bend area of Southwest Texas.  Rattlesnakes and scorpions fall to mind.  People get lost or underestimate the Chihuahuan Desert and die every year.  One of the most prevalent gotcha’s is tire problems.  This environment plays hell with tires.  Thorns from mesquite or cacti easily puncture a tire. The roads are predominately unpaved in the area.  Too rural and too poor to expect much else.  Notice I said ‘unpaved’ –  not ‘gravel’ roads.   They don’t

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Being Out of Touch - Big Bend, TX

Miles and Miles of Texas

Another story from the recent Terlingua, West Texas RV road trip……

I don’t spend the majority of my time in populated areas.  Just hasn’t worked out that way which suits me just fine.  When I got the Suburban a few years ago, one of the things I wanted to do was improve cell phone coverage in remote areas.  Not so much because I love to yap on the phone all the time but more for safety in case I broke down in  a remote area and for a way for people to reach me in

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