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Not Rocket Surgery, OK?

Call Fashion 911 — Like I even care right about now.

The Dog Days of Summer is when I struggle the hardest.  The drudge of the job makes every day blend into the previous one and the heat saps energy and ambition.   With a new  (to us) recreational vehicle there is always something to do. Straightening out the previous owner’s ‘fixes’ and upgrading the Princess Palace seems to be a never ending task.

Anything to do with cool is suspect during the High Summer in the South Texas pucker brush.  Miss Kathy uses the oven or stove sparingly and many

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The Fabric of Life -- The Measure of Men

One thing I have learned over the years of remote boondocking is that you do not pull your vehicle down for repairs or maintenance if you are out around BFE, Texas.  It just doesn’t pay off  to sideline your only transportation when you are miles from the closest hose clamp, bolt or special tool required to make the vehicle drivable again.

Young Henry learning the ropes…He's gonna be a good 'un

And so it was that I wanted to do some repairs and maintenance on the Suburban while I was in Baytown.  The oil lease roads had managed to beat

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Being Out of Touch - Big Bend, TX

Miles and Miles of Texas

Another story from the recent Terlingua, West Texas RV road trip……

I don’t spend the majority of my time in populated areas.  Just hasn’t worked out that way which suits me just fine.  When I got the Suburban a few years ago, one of the things I wanted to do was improve cell phone coverage in remote areas.  Not so much because I love to yap on the phone all the time but more for safety in case I broke down in  a remote area and for a way for people to reach me in

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The Suburban Repair Begins...

Enterprise finally came through with a rental Saturday A.M. They never did get the fullsized car State Farm has specified. We ended up with a 4 door Dodge Durango pick up with only 5k miles on it. So far my observations are the V6 engine would be better suited for a lawn tractor, the short bed is near useless and the seats are as hard as a Baptist church pew. The doors also close with a dull thud, the same sound as when you drop a full can of beer on the pavement.

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