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Food on the Shelf

Near Balmorrhea, TX — February 2012

Remember the Bad UPS Lady that was strowing my packages across LaSalle County, Texas a few weeks back?  Well, one of those packages was some  Mountain House Freeze-Dried Food from  I emailed Nitro-Pak and told them my goods had not been delivered to my location as their records indicated and I did not know where the package was.  Immediately and without any excuses or third degree inquisition, they said a replacement package would be on its’ way.  BAM!  Just like that!  I emailed that nice lady back and told her to hold off; 

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I had a job back in the later 70’s as the Manager on a dairy farm.  I was making $300 a week and they provided housing and a pick up truck.  I worked from 4am till 7pm 7 days a week and I was good at it.  I was 23 years old and single and didn’t know nuthin’  about quit.  The farm owner got wind I was looking at a job on a neighboring farm for $350 a week and fired me.   Flat.   One of the few perks of the job was I was able to buy a few dairy

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