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Barbecue Follies - Tres

This is a barbecue joint – never call it a restaurant City Boy!

Just for the hell of it I googled ‘old school pulled pork’. Why?? Because I just wanted to peek and see if things was as out of kilter as I expected; it was worse than imagined. About half the page of Google results were recipes for cooking a Boston Butt in a crockpot. Christ on a cracker! WTH is up

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Mason County, Texas

Mason,Tx -Gem of the Hill Country

I just spent the most pleasant 2 weeks I can recall of late at the Mason City,TX RV Park in the Western Hill Country. Mason’s claims to fame are Fred Gipson, the fella that wrote Old Yeller was born and raised on a cotton farm in Mason County. The movie premiered in 1957 right on the Square in Mason at the Odeon Theater which is still in

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A Thousand Hungry Clocks*


Always a reminder to check the NASCAR Schedule

Ah, lets’ see , where was I? I think I had promised last week that I would finish up the Story of Miss K. Best to get after it.

I trekked over to New Braunfels as requested to meet face to face with Miss K. I am a punctual fellow to a fault and I missed my designated arrival time by a good half

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Readers Write - Old Tyme Fulltiming

Andy’s note: Ken made some interesting comments on the post about Texas Oil Camps and this post is a continuation. Please re-visit the original post; the comments alone are much better than my article.


By Ken H.

I hate to be the one to break the news, but full timing is not that new or novel. I began full-timing in about 1944. My dad was a driller, and as such was exempt from the

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