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Just hang around 5 minutes and it'll change......

Ummmmmm! Turkey!

Boredom. Monotony. Heat. Wind. Dust. Weather Bug says it is 106 degrees at 3pm. That is the gate guard life. Miss Kathy and I try and take advantage of the reduced traffic volume on the weekends. Usually that means something is cookin’ up in the electric smoker. This weekend the entree’ is smoked turkey.

Finally! I get to go off shift and sit still for a little bit in the cool

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Fabric of Life - Joyas Volardoras

Bad weather and recreational vehicles are not a healthy combination… and again this first Sunday in May we are dealing with it here in the Old Girl. A typical Texas spring weather pattern… a cold front dips down from the north and collides headlong with the warm moist air boiling up out of the Gulf. Later on, as high summer approaches, the jet stream which brings the cold air will retreat north and high pressure

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