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Greener Gra$$

Moonrise over Lantern Drilling on the Stockton Plateau

Odd phenomena goin’ ’round these days according to messages gleaned from various message boards including our own Front Porch over at the MyOldRV forums.  Well, really it is two distinct and different sets of circumstances.

Some noobs, waiting on assignments with the Big 3 players ( GGS, LOMA, Timekeepers) running short of funds or patience or both decided to go with some new(er) oil field gate guard companies.  I can’t say that a bird in the hand is not worth something but I have to think making a move to a new company

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Readers Write - Tell Me About Gate Guarding in Texas

Reader L asks me:

Texas Oilfield Gate Guard Location

Hi Andy & Kathy,
Enjoyed reading your blog… My husband Tom & I are a little older than ya’ll, 66/63 and have enjoyed fulltiming since 1999. We have also decided to keep our home and rent it along with other properties to have a second income. That being said, we still like to work a little and play a little and had seen an ad in Workamper for TX oilfield gate jobs at $125/day. We have only boondocked for short periods and usually work summers for the ACOE campgrounds. We would like to

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